Feel Fine Kese | DK-015C-L CREAM & BEIGE

Feel Fine Kese | DK-015C-L CREAM & BEIGE2023-10-17T11:33:25+03:00

Project Description

Feel Fine Kese | DK-015C-L


This elegant bath glove is woven from Pure Raw Cocoon Silk. It is really incredible to purify your face & body. It is suggested to use for sensitive and normal skins, also fabric DK-015C-L, It is thin and better to use for using on the face. It doesn’t include any chemical or additives and just used Turkish cocoon silk and designed by Allforhamam company for you. After a few uses, it becomes much more effective for exfoliating and removing dead cell and can be used longer than normal fabrics.

• Fabric Type : Raw Cocoon Silk
• Color : Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Light Lilac, Light Pink, Lilac, Pink, Pinky Orange, Powder Pink, Purple, Silver, White
• Size : 14x12cm