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Project Description


Walk into a traditional Turkish hamam and you will see a riot of colors ranging from red to violet! This rainbow of Turkish peshtamals together with a large spectrum of patterns depict the Turkish people in high spirits, enjoying the pleasure of hot water and steam that relaxes them while loosening their tight muscles and relieving their stress.

It has also become very trendy to use Turkish fouta, a classic of Turkish baths, as a beach towel today. Wrap yourself in a chic, soft Turkish fouta, which is made of high-quality cotton, and get dry in a few minutes!

With our 100% cotton and super stylish collection of thin and lightweight, but very absorbent and quick dry Feel Fine peshtamal towels, you will feel as dry as a bone and as light as a feather!

If you want to examine our products more closely, then please download the file on the right side in order to see the high-resolution version of the photos of our products. It is a zip file with a size of 197,4 MB. Before you start downloading the file, please make sure that you have enough space on your device.


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