Foam Massage Products

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Project Description


The old time hamam tradition requires a foam massage for sure.

First, the hamam visitor lies on a warm marble navel stone, which is located in a heated room and under a dome. He usually rests his head on a waterproof pillow. Then, the hamam attendant comes and scrubs the man or woman with a kese to get rid of the dead skin off his/her body.

Following the Turkish kese exfoliating, the hamam visitor is given a foam massage to rinse the dead skin off the body and clean it with foam. At this stage of the Turkish bath ceremony, the masseur or masseuse prepares a cloud of foam in a foam bucket.

Then, the masseur or masseuse dips the foaming bag in the foam bucket and wraps the customer with a huge foam cloud. With that beautiful scented foam, the customer is given a nice and relaxing massage and once again, he rests for some more time after the massage.

ALL for HAMAM makes waterproof pillows to be used on the navel stone. Those silicon-filled pillows are made of finest-quality cotton and they are covered with a teflon-coated layer of fabric so as not to absorb water.

ALL for HAMAM produces handmade, copper and silver-finish foam buckets in various dimensions, too.

ALL for HAMAM also makes foaming bags, all of which are made of 100% cotton. Upon our customer’s request, we can also embroider their company’s logo on the foaming bags.

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