Hamam Bowls | HTG-67

Hamam Bowls

Hamam Bowls | HTG-672023-03-27T11:45:21+03:00

Project Description

Peshtamal Bathrobes

Hamam Bowls | HTG-67

HTG-67 copper&chrome plated hammam bowl is a pressed with six-pointed star pattern and hand hammered product. To use a hamam bowl, fill it with warm water from the bath or basin, and then gently pour the water over your body, head, or any area you wish to rinse. It is a relaxing and enjoyable part of the traditional Turkish bath experience and can be incorporated into your own bathing routine for a touch of luxury and cultural authenticity.

• Material : Copper & Crome Plated
• Size: 20.5x5cm
• Weight : 310gr

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