Feel Fine Exfoliating Bath Glove-Kese

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Project Description


What is your skin telling you? Does it look dull and unhealthy? Does it call for a special care and rejuvenation? Then, detox your skin with our traditional Feel Fine exfoliating kese-bath-mitts that are completely made of natural fibers and you will feel that gentle, magic touch to your skin! Our Feel Fine exfoliating bath mitts will help you to get a more radiant skin that is as smooth as satin by peeling the dry and dead skin off your body as well as your face.

You should take very good care of your skin as it is your most valuable dress! Who would like to have dry, dead skin on their body especially when it hides the fresh, baby soft smooth skin underneath? Noone.

Say “Bye bye!” to dead skin with our gentle Turkish Feel Fine exfoliating bath gloves and feel younger.

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